Studio Scarpe in Stile

Footwear development

About our studio

Scarpe in Stile was founded in 2005 by 2 friends who worked closely together for several top fashion brands. We are designers and stylists that lived and breathed the shoe industry for many years. To create your products, we are not afraid to get our hands dirty. We believe that beauty is one of the highest forms of communication, and that a taste for beautiful things must be cherished. We produce high end products that are the very best of "Made in Italy", and proudly work with Italian businesses and suppliers to support this unique craftsmanship. The ateliers and factories we work with are typically in Northern Italy, where the very high end of luxury footwear is created. We proudly worked for brands such as Manolo Blahnik, Bally, Oscar de la Renta, Marni and many more.

our Services


We help develop your ideas, whether you have just a sketch or existing designs you want to modify. Every project is unique and we are able to assist in whichever stage you require.

Technical expertise

We can develop technical patterns for you and amend them whichever way you require. Working with CAD allows us to work fast & precise. We also work with very talented lastmakers, where the basis of a quality shoe lies.


We source all components and accessories that are needed for your project. Shoelasts, leather, soles, heels, buckles and zippers but also specific ornaments you might be looking for. From coral to goldleaf to pearl-strings, we will find it for you.

Production & Quality control

We help find a suitable manufacturer if needed. We supervise all stages of the production cycle, and carry out quality control.

How we work

  • phase 1

    understanding your project

    Based on your needs, we develop a project plan and provide you an estimated timeframe and costs. Whether you just have some sketches, want to have some samples made, or a large collection, we approach each project individually.

  • phase 2


    We take your ideas and work on technical development, for example creating CAD models based on your designs that can then be used as patterns. We also get the lasts developed if needed.

  • phase 3

    Sourcing of components and samples

    We source all components that are needed for your samples, including leather, soles, heels and any accessories. We get patterns cut and oversee the construction of your samples in the atelier or factory.

  • phase 4


    We coordinate the sourcing of all components and materials for production. We supervise the production cycle, and carry out quality control.